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Volkshome - Specialised European Car Service

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Volkshome - Specialised European Car Service

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Volkshome - Specialised European Car Service

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Volkshome - Specialised European Car Service

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About Us

Volkshome was formed by John and Joy Goodison in 1988 and commenced trading on the First of July 1988. For the first three years we were located just 100 metres up the road from the current location in a much smaller factory which the business quickly outgrew.

In 1991 the move was made to 16 Commercial Drive in Thomastown where the business remains to the present day. The late 80’s were a very lean time for Volkswagen in Australia. Japanese cars were much cheaper and better equipped than the VW’s of their day.

T3 transporters and the odd Caravelle were the only VW’s you could buy until Golf’s in limited numbers reappeared as cabriolets and GTI’s in the early 90’s. By the mid 90’s the Golf III was introduced in CL, and GL guise and the T4, which was a big step forward was also introduced.

Audi was also making a comeback and Seat was introduced to Australia for the first time. Volkswagen and Audi had made the jump from selling hundreds of cars in Australia back to selling thousands, and the race for new tooling, and equipment and technology was on in earnest at the growing Volkshome.

Over the next decade came a series of scanners and diagnostic machines each more sophisticated and invariably more expensive than the last. Also a huge number of specialist tools had to be purchased for each new model and each new engine, suspension and transmission

Today Volkshome had evolved into a business that can service and maintain your brand new Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle, your second hand vehicle and your gracefully ageing classic air cooled vehicle. Many VW repairers have cut their links to the past, but we have not.

The directors and staff at Volkshome are members and supporters of the Volkswagen Club of Victoria (the oldest continuous VW club in the world). Between all of us we drive, operate and maintain our own fleet of vehicles ranging from a 1949 Deluxe Beetle to current model Golf’s, Passat’s and Transporter’s.

The dedicated staff at Volkshome love nothing more than a day where you build an engine for a 1950’s classic VW in the morning and complete logbook services and DSG transmission services on late model VW’s Audi’s and Skoda’s in the afternoon.

These varied days are often followed by after-hours restoration work on one of the many personally owned vehicles of all ages that we restore as a hobby. We look forward to the release of future models with new emerging technology and meeting whatever challenges these new vehicles bring.

John and Joy Goodison